Four ways to avoid feeling itchy after a haircut

Candice Zen (

Someone recently shared that one of his concerns about getting a haircut at a work pop-up is feeling itchy all afternoon afterwards because of the small hair clippings.

At the Totem Hair pop-up, we use well-fitting gowns for men and women and paper neck strips for men to ensure that as little hair as possible gets onto customers’ clothes. Hair clippings are removed from around the neck and ears during and after the haircut using a neck brush and talc. Customers’ hair is blasted through with the hairdryer at the end of the service.

Totem Hair customers are similarly ingenious with their methods of reducing itchiness. Here are some things they do.

1.    Give their hair an extra rub through afterwards
The floor at the pop-up is going to be vacuumed/swept afterwards anyway, so go ahead and give your head a good rub through with your fingers and get any last hairs off onto the floor. This doesn’t work if you opted for styling product at the end of the service!

2.    Rinse out in the work showers or over the sink
Take a shower afterwards or rinse your hair over a sink. You can even take an eco-friendly, biodegradable towel with you after your appointment (supplied at the pop-up).

3.    Bring a spare T-shirt
Change into it before your haircut and out afterwards.

4.    Book an appointment at the end of the day
Head home via the gym or shower after your haircut.

So, dear customers, any more ideas? Ping me a mail at or give us a shout on Twitter @TotemHair