Dry and brittle hair? Check out these 3 solutions

By Candice Zen (candice@totemhair.co.uk)

Now and again I find myself continually coming across a fair few customers with the same problem, and recommending the same solutions. April has been one of those months with lots of women customers with dry and brittle hair caused by heat styling – that is either ironing or curling with tongs.
There are 3 ways of tackling the dryness and brittleness:

1.    Stop using heat tools on the hair as much. Ask your hairdresser for practical alternatives to you ironing your hairstyle, and get practising your braiding now summer is coming. If that’s impossible….

2.    Using a leave-in treatment and heat protector. A product which is left in the hair i.e. is not rinsed out will always work harder. If money is an issue, stop spending on expensive shampoos and conditioners that are rinsed out. Spend more money on a leave-in treatment such as Kerastase Ciment Thermique if your hair is fairly fine or Kerastase Nectar Thermique or Davines All-in-One Oi Milk if it’s a bit thicker.

3.    Use a mask instead of (rinse-off) conditioner once per week or try coconut oil (see earlier post). A mask is a concentrated conditioner. Apply it after shampooing to towel dried hair, use a wide tooth comb to mechanically work the conditioner into the hair. Towel dried hair is important so that the product is not diluted. A mask will penetrate the hair a bit more and the conditioning ingredients are stronger. Try one like RedKen Real Control Intense Renewal mask.

That’s it for now, but feel free to ask more questions!