Three ideas for Hot summer Hair (2017)

Summer is really here now – 32 degrees today – so I thought it’d be good to have a look at some ways to wear the hair which look great and are practical in hot weather!

Going for a sunkissed colour is a good way to start the season. The great thing is the sun is going to lighten your hair anyway, so you only need a little enhancement by a hairdresser and then you can let the sun do the rest.
A few highlight foils around the front of your face or some light balayage (hair painting with bleach/lightener) throughout will set you up well for the summer months. This works well on men with longer and mid to light brown hair as well.

man highlighted hair

Summer is the season when head scarves, hair bands and bandanas can make a great addition to a look, on shorter or longer hair. They are very multi-purpose: keeping the sun off, hair tied up and adding some colour as well. There are some good selections in the high-street shops right now.
A nice thing to try for long hair would be to incorporate a scarf into a braid as one of the strands that is plaited – adding a colourful twist.

man headscarf

Braiding (plaiting) hair is a fun skill to acquire, although it takes a little practice. The fantastic thing with braiding is that there are quite a lot of variations, meaning that it’s versatile and the looks you can create are endless. Doing this with slightly damp hair is also a great way of getting a beachy wave and texture into the hair without much effort or heat styling. Braiding works best on hair which is not very straight and shiny – if it’s too slippery, a bit of dry shampoo helps with grip. If you need some help getting started with this, there are a lot of great videos on youtube.


Recommendations for hairdryers

Recommendations on hairdryers

Is your hairdryer old (5years +)? Minus a nozzle? Does it take a long time to dry your hair? Do you struggle with getting a nice finish on your hair when drying?

It could be time to invest in a new one. The correct hairdryer and a little technique will save you lots of time and be better for the condition of your hair. Us hairdressers all know that which is why our own hairdryers at home are all good ones. Who has more than 10-15 min to spend on their hair in the morning? Customers who have tried the Totem Hair blow-drying workshop and used my hairdryers have noticed the difference instantly.

So let me introduce you to the main hairdryer I use professionally. It’s light (so my arms don’t get too tired), powerful, with variable speed and heat settings. Even on hottest and max speed though, it’s not too burning, so it relatively OK on the hair. It is a Parlux 385 Powerlight. Parlux is an Italian brand and their hairdryers are used by many of my salon co-workers past and present. They cost around £80 so are not cheap but should last you for several years.

Parlux hairdryer
Diva hairdryer

If that is definitely too much, my back-up hairdryer is a Dynamica 4000 Pro by Diva. It cost me about £37. Similar size and power to the Parlux, it’s just a bit heavier. It may not have the longevity I expect from a Parlux. But still definitely a good hairdryer.

Final thought: remember, it is often a good idea to dry the hair roots even if you let the ends dry naturally. This helps prevent dandruff and scalp problems.

Drop me a line if you have any more questions or come in for a free 15 min Ask-Me-Anything hair chat if Totem Hair is currently hosted by your workplace.