Annette Leach, Senior Community Manager, wework, London

I just love the service I receive from Candice at Totem Hair. She understands what I am looking for with my cut and also what suits my face shape. She always gives me recommendations on new products to try for my hair type. I couldn't be happier.

I really liked the convenience of the service as well as its quality. I've got the desired change in my haircut and Candice gave me some helpful advice on how to treat my hair better!

Simona H, Contax Law, London, UK

"I love the new haircut! Very conveniently just at the office. And very pleasant chat.
Highly recommended."

G Mei, Neronote, London, UK

"Love the idea of a pop-up salon at work. Makes busy lives easier, I only left my desk for 15 mins to get a fringe trim and some advice on blow drying. Excellent!"

Jayne OCashFlows, London

Getting your hair cut is one of those things that takes forward planning and time, but being able to offer our employees the ease and availability of Totem Hair Salon, in house, eliminates both of those issues. The staff here at Karmarama absolutely love the convenience and professionalism of Candice and the pop up salon. Since launching the service about 6 months ago, we have had a fully booked schedule every time, and more people are discovering the benefits with each visit. Candice is skilful, affordable, and a joy to work with.

Luke Prebble, HR Coordinator, Karmarama, London

M Abbott, Guavara, London

"Simply awesome!"

Helen Ratcliffe, HR Head, AHMM architects, London

"Careful, considerate and highly professional service"

T Fribence, Bright Blue Consulting, London

“Great haircut, friendly and knowledgeable plus extremely convenient. Can’t recommend enough.”

M Cialai, Zinio, London

"Very satisfied with the service received, reason why I keep coming back :)"

Franz Vitulli, HumanMade, London

“I’ve been a big fan of Candice’s work since I’ve met her at WeWork. I’m always impressed by the treatment I receive from her – she is talented and accurate, and provides fantastic haircuts and beard trims. If I can be proud of my full beard it’s because of her. She’s also excellent at recommending the best haircut for your face shape, hair texture, lifestyle or personality. Definitely a hairdresser you can trust!”

Alex Rees,  Attest, London

“Fantastic cut, and incredibly convenient.”

Felix Jackson, medDigital, London


“Candice is lovely to deal with and does a great haircut. I feel like a top exec having my stylist arrive at my office, fitting neatly into my hectic schedule. Now all I need is a pair of braces, a large leather swivel chair and a cigar. Then I’ll be truly living the 80s dream…”

DW, Big Sync Music, London

“I rarely have time to get away from my desk for a lunchtime haircut so I am delighted when Candice and Totem come to our office and I can simply book online in advance and walk downstairs for a high quality trim. Her cuts are excellent and I get the bonus of a half hour of quiet contemplation as Candice does her magic. I highly recommend Totem and Candice’s service.”

“I have met Candice in my work place, and I do not want to change her as a Hairdresser, she is an amazing listener, she will do the extra step in order to make the customer happy 🙂 Thank you Candice!”

Merieme Lakhdar, London

S Barbone, TechHub, London

“15 to 30 minutes pure relax in the office with a very good quality haircut! This is what Candice – Totem Hair is all about. Love her wise hair style advices and the smiley attitude she always has!”