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Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer?​

We provide the following services for employees onsite:

  • Regular short haircut (30 min)

  • Long hair dry trim (30 min)

  • Restyle haircut, or technical haircut e.g bob (45 min)

  • Fringe trim (10 min)

  • Beard trim, sideburn and neckline  tidy (15 min)

  • Single-grade all-over clipper cut, or undercut (15 min)

  • Ask me anything hair consultation (10 min)

  • Express blowdry (30 min)

  • Express hairstyling (30 min)

What do you need in terms of room, equipment etc?


We need a room or private area with good ambient lighting, a plug point, a table for professional kit, a chair that doesn’t swivel and preferably is not fabric-covered. A dust-pan and brush and a bin is also needed, as well as a vacuum cleaner for after, for any hair that got away from the floor covering.

We will be bringing a 2m x 2m floor mat, mirror and all professional kit and gowns.

How do employees book a timeslot?


We will supply you (the company contact person) with an online booking system or a Google sheet with the time slots laid out and some instructions to help people choose the correct time for their hair needs. If you circulate the link, people will book online with minimal fuss for you. Some people might only need 15 mins for a simple service e.g. a beard trim and others may need 45 min if they are going for a style change or have very thick hair. Usually 30 mins is the standard time needed for a haircut.

We don’t want mess created in the meeting room.


No problem. We supply a standard floor covering of 2m x 2m. This stops hair being pushed into the meeting room carpet. We sweep up after every client and vacuum around the edges at the end of the day. Kit is packed away and the table wiped afterwards.

How good are your hairstylists – will they be able to keep all of our staff happy?


Candice Zen herself is a London-trained hairstylist with 16 years experience with women and men’s hair. All Totem Hair hairstylists are fully qualified with at least 5 years experience in cutting hair for all genders. Check out our reviews throughout this website as well!

How do we pay you?


We will invoice you for £350 per day, per hairstylist.

Can we make your service into a bigger pamper/beauty day for staff?


By all means! Do you have a staff party, awards or celebration coming up? Why not have us there before your event, making staff look and feel great? We offer styling/blow-dries as well as haircuts at work. Additionally, we also provide a customisable package with our favourite nail artist, massage therapist and make-up artist if you are wanting to organise a Pamper Day. Please get in contact or see the 'For Companies' page.

Can Totem Hair hairstylists do hair for all our staff?


Yes, we can cut all lengths of hair from very short to very long, on men and women (and people identifying as non-binary). We also cut curly and coily/afro hair, although we do have extra instructions for people with these hair types on the booking system.

What happens if someone is not happy with their hair?


All haircuts can be adjusted. Our guarantee: anyone who is not 100% happy with their hair, are welcome to have it adjusted at no cost at the London salon where Candice Zen works on Saturdays. Please email if any help is needed. 

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