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Bring a 'Feel-Great' Factor To Your London Office with Totem Hair

Totem Hair is a pop-up hairdresser that comes to London workplaces to provide salon-quality hairstyling and haircuts for employees. Our highly qualified stylists give your staff a chance to look and feel great while at work - and get their weekends back. 

"If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.”

Sir Richard Branson

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Elevate your company parties and events - bring in a pop-up hair salon!

Are you planning your London company's Christmas or summer party, wellness day, awards or a corporate event?


Want to add that extra touch of glamour and create a memorable experience that employees will share with friends and colleagues, past and present?

The Totem Hair pop-up salon will take your event to the next level!

Imagine the excitement and buzz that will surround your event when your employees find out they can get their hair styled on-site. Our well-established service adds a touch of luxury and pampering that will leave staff feeling appreciated and special.

Elevate your employee experience and company culture with a regular pop-up hairstylist!

Totem Hair is a unique, fun and fresh addition to your London workplace culture. We bring a pop-up salon to a meeting room at your London offices, where we do great haircuts or hairstyling for your staff, for all genders and hair types. 

Work-life balance is an issue for all of us who work in London. Why not add value to your employees' commute and days in the office by offering them a chance to maintain their professional image conveniently, feel and look good, and get two hours back at the weekend?

Client Testimonials

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"Totem Hair is by far the most used and cost-effective company benefit we provide. Loved by everyone in the team!"
F Kearney, COO, Sliide
Why do employees love the Totem Hair pop-up?

Employees love the Totem Hair service for many different reasons:

  • It's an easy, convenient way to get a salon-quality haircut, hairstyling or blow-dry.

  • We have highly-qualified, experienced and friendly hairstylists who can deliver a great style for all genders and hair types.

  • They get to look their best before important meetings, awards or company parties.

  • It saves them up to 2 hours at the weekend which they can spend it with their families and friends.

  • It saves them money, helping their salary go further.

Our Professional Affiliations

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